Inspiration Notes

“I thought about what powered the roaring twenties and it was crude oil. Crude oil produced much of the movement – the cars and all the things that made the twenties fast, furious, and technologically advanced,” said the designer.

“Our oil was formed in the Miocene period and it is often referred to as light and sweet. The trap is what is used for the oil to gather. And I was playing with the word trap because our oil is this natural and beautiful thing but it ended up being an economic trap.

” “The colours and textures of the collection were inspired by an alarming image I found of the Niger Delta area. In the image, the water was black and slick with crude oil, there were flares in the distance, but still somehow plants found a way to survive this inhospitable terrain. The clothes were in slick fabrics and were generally nude browns, highlighted by the accessories which were petrol blue and flame red patent leather”.